Human Errors Pointed As Cause for Most IT Failures

Bob Styran, IT audit expert
December 06, 2010 /

Despite the availability of the latest models of technologies that provide business solutions, applying the £5 billion-worth computers to businesses will be threatened by the failure of implementing risk-reducing measures caused mostly by human errors, e-Solutions warned UK private and public companies.

Areas affected by human errors, which would account for 56 percent all in all as revealed by e-Solutions, a UK-based firm that specializes in fraud prevention, internal audit and compliance consultancies, include financial services, manufacturing, telecommunications, and the health care sector.

Angus Stewart, chief executive of e-Solutions, addressed the diminishing accountability of the right bodies in the proper functioning of a company’s computer system because of the upsurge of business process outsourcing firms, consultants from overseas, casual IT personnel, people that oversee one of the most important business tools.

Stewart said IT directors could resort to developing a monitoring-facility that oversees human factor to be called People Auditing, which would serve as a means of reducing human errors that destroy the name of a company in addition to the costs that they inflict upon the business.

People Auditing helps ensure strict compliance with the guidelines for accessing information, integrity of the transaction and protection of intellectual property rights of businesses, according to Stewart.

Most businesses have been suffering from damages created unintentionally by IT staff members, which oftentimes could lead to the downfall of the firm. Identifying the root of the problem and rectifying it is very important to address these human errors, which otherwise could prolong the frustrations, Stewart added.


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