Honda Warns Customers: Hacking into Their Data a Serious Threat

Bob Styran, IT audit expert
January 06, 2011 /

Alarmed by the reported hacking into the personal data of its customers early this week, American Honda Motor Corp., Inc. has issued a warning to all of its Japanese customers who have Acura accounts to take the data breach seriously.

The data base company keeping records of personal information of Honda customers has been hacked, granting unauthorized access to an outside party which stole informational contents. The company immediately requested Honda Motors to warn its customers about the problem. More than 2.2 million Honda customers have been affected by the data breach, mostly Japanese, but reports say North Americans and Europeans could also be affected.

Affected data of Honda customers include email address, phone numbers, bank account numbers, license plate and chassis number, which are now in the hands of the hackers and could be used for malicious activities.

Honda Motors already advised its customers to change their Acura account passwords through an email advisory it sent to all affected by the cyber attack.

Answering on whether the affected customers have been victims of identity theft, Honda said that “based on the information that was accessed,” stealing the customers’ identity would be impossible, adding that no financial information was compromised.

“Law enforcement authorities have been contacted and an investigation is in process. Further, American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is taking steps to minimize this type of exposure in the future,” Honda said in its advisory.


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  1. Roland Dobbins

    Um, DDoS attacks don’t result in data breaches.

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