China Is Responsible for Google Hacking – Wikileaks

Bob Styran, IT audit expert
November 29, 2010 /

Wikileaks, a dissident website known for its politically intriguing revelations, has published Sunday a mass of data that pointed China as responsible for the Google hacking that occurred in the computers of the search engine and Western governments early this year.

The US government officials, however, said the systematic cyber attack that happened back in spring did put the blame to nobody.

The New York Times, whose source of data is Wikileaks, reported that Chinese government had hired operatives, private security experts, and hackers to wage its computer sabotage against Google.

Google has criticized early this year the “coordinated cyber-attacks,” which it said was part of China’s Google hacking campaign and scrapped ordinance from Chinese government to filter searches for sensitive matters. Google hacking affected several Chinese dissidents who have Gmail accounts.

Despite this, the US government did not point its fingers to the Chinese government for Google hacking, saying no evidence possibly manifested involvement of this government.

On Sunday, Wikileaks complained that its servers had been receiving denial of service attacks. It declared in its Twitter account that it has suffered from cyber attacks, but assured the public that there was no stopping to its publishing of classified US documents.

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange had earlier said the US government was afraid of accountabilities. Assange added that there would be more and bigger releases of classified US documents than the ones about Afghanistan and Iraq.

Assange said Wikileaks’s coverage involves every major issue facing all of the countries in the world.


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