After Cyber Attacks, Wikileaks Finds Defense in Cloud Computing

Bob Styran, IT audit expert
December 01, 2010 /

Following the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks sustained by the whistleblowing site Wikileaks on Sunday, cloud computing services are now seen by the site as a resort to ward them off. The move is in preparation for the launching of thousands of US diplomatic cables this week.

Wikileaks has turned to its new files location in Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing services.

The besieged Wikileaks has found its defense against the DDoS attacks in Amazon’s servers where the whistleblowing site could store its data on a pay-per-usage terms, which means the site does not make payments in advance.

Amazon, being a French company that hosts the controversial data, does not hold materials in the pages it hosts which could irk the US government, The Guardian reported. This will consequently give the subject nation little or no reason to bash Amazon for that matter, the report added.

Security commentators have urged all organizations to take notice of this issue with the escalated effects of Wikileaks’s continuous disclosures of the US diplomatic communications.

Alan Calder, chief executive of information security firm IT Governance, said this incident would serve to remind all organizations worldwide of the ease and rapidness with which a wide array of data could spread in one fell swoop.

Calder said even small electronic storage materials like “CDs, personal digital assistants, laptops and mobile phones” could be used to keep “hundreds of thousands of documents.”

Wikileaks noticed the problems with its servers hours after it published documents pointing to China as the culprit of the Google hacking.


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