Thousands of Pounds of Taxpayers Money Spent on Leisure

Sarah Woodman, Global events journalist
August 12, 2010 /

Civil servants have recently been on the firing line for their spending spree in enjoying stress angels, jazz workshops and trips to Black pool Pleasure Beach and a nature reserve. All these leisure trips were paid from taxpayer’s money.

Department of Communities and local government posted a list of all such spending as part of running cost to the tune of £500 in  a measure to exhibit greater transparency in the spending of public money.

The Department of Communities and local government has spent around £314m on such leisure entertainments. It was revealed that £635,000 was spent only on use of car and taxi for various journeys undertaken by the civil servants during the year under review. Marketing, advertising, promotional measures and events ate up over £16m. Money spent on catering and food amounted to a whopping £310,000.

The department also released spending details of over £500 by the eight regional offices of the central government for 2009-10. The release showed that thousands of pounds were used up on training and well being of the staff and employees of the companies. This included consulting, hotels, a limousine company and even a cycle company. Around £1,673 was spent in taking therapeutic treatment at a firm called Stress Angels.

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles was reported to be saying that putting such spending on leisure on the website is very simple and a good move towards transparency. It will open the doors to a multitude of auditor who would be able to see clearly as to how the public money is siphoned out on luxury of private vacations by the civil servants. He stressed the need for improvement in such areas of wasteful spending by the public servants especially where the public money is involved.


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