San Jose Convention Center in Hot Water Over Audit Report

Steven Bobson, Europe & Americas Editor
November 26, 2010 /

San Jose, California – An audit report released Wednesday has shown anomalies in the management of San Jose McEnery Convention Center that alarmed officials there.

The nonprofit group Team San Jose which runs the convention center has not been allegedly aware that the City Council would need to know the management’s problems with its budget, the audit report said. San Jose McEnery Convention Center management has allegedly mismanaged its funds for the fiscal year 2009-2010 and committed an overspending of about $750,000.

The budget shortage would necessarily pass on the burden to the taxpayers, the report noted.

While the convention center was suffering from budget shortfalls due to overspending, the audit report further found that executives of Team San Jose were enjoying large bonuses.

Mayor Chuck Reed expressed his disappointment at the management and has suggested that the San Jose Team be replaced by another group to run the convention center.

Defending the existing management from the allegations of the audit report, Team San Jose CEO Dan Fenton argued that his organization has already adopted a different kind of procedure in their administration and has never violated the city’s performance measures as stipulated in their contract.


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