Ex-Raytheon Security Manager Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Mail Fraud

Steven Bobson, Europe & Americas Editor
December 01, 2010 /

A former longtime security manager at Raytheon living in Fullerton was charged with one count of mail fraud, facing 20 years in jail, following an internal audit in 2006 that revealed the scheme.

David Culbertson, 55, admitted he had stolen nearly $265,000 from Raytheon by sending mail fraud to defense contractor. Culbertson allegedly asked the contractor for multiple reimbursements for cellphone bills incurred by employees who worked then for classified programs that he operated.

Culbertson, pleading guilty to the mail fraud charge, agreed to pay the same amount as he had pocketed from Raytheon in compensation to the company, U.S. Attorney’s Office in Los Angeles said.

Prosecutors said Culbertson started dishing out cellphones to a number of employees working on classified programs under him, which he then used fraudulently as a subject of his mail fraud.

Culbertson allegedly forwarded the cellphone bills, which were mailed to his home and were paid using his own money, to Raytheon for reimbursement. The prosecutors said Raytheon in effect redirected the bills to the federal government that was at the receiving end of the burden of the cellphone bills.

The prosecutors added that Culbertson admitted he was starting to double or triple bill the Raytheon Company since 2003. They said that in the course of Culbertson’s fraudulent scheme, the convicted criminal showed the cellphone bills to different employees so as to substantiate the requests for reimbursement.

He had escaped imprisonment by arguing that the bills could not be probably disclosed to anybody because these are confidential documents, the prosecutors said.

Culbertson was fired in 2007 from Raytheon upon the revelation of the internal audit of the mail fraud scheme.


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