Scandal Involving PwC Employee Ends Up in Imprisonment

Michelle Remo, “Big 4″ observer
May 09, 2011 /

After years of claiming bogus expenses in spending days and nights out with friends and co-staff, a PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) employee has plead guilty to a court order sending her to jail.

This is the second internal scandal since November 2010 that shook the name of PwC, in which 17 male employees of PwC have forwarded around Ireland a “top 10″ list of their female co-workers whom they picked to be the company’s most attractive female employees in the office.

Angela Tilling, 44, from Birmingham, who worked as a personal assistant with PwC, has been sentenced to spend nine months behind bars after an internal investigation revealed that at least from 2004 to 2007 she had been claiming fraudulent expenses.

The court found that Tilling spent most of the funneled amount in organizing extravagant parties with some employees of PwC. An investigation disclosed that she was used to grabbing the attention of others, being a loner at her old age according to her QC, Francis Laird.

In December 2004, Tilling allegedly claimed £2,183 in expenses for a staff launch of 47 PwC employees at Birmingham’s Hotel Du Vin. Similarly, in June 2005, she made another claim of expenses amounting to £2,146 for a company hotel conference.

Tilling allegedly defrauded PwC to shell out £50,000 in appearance fee for a celebrity who was said to grace a Christmas party on top of a £25,000 for the entire event on December 2005. She allegedly defrauded the appearance fee broken down to two £29,375.

The investigation further found that she claimed another £15,000 in reimbursement for her purported expenses in securing the guests. Tilling allegedly presented false documents to support her claim.

In June and October 2006, she was paid £5,581 for Solihull College support staff. In reality, the expenses were sham, further defrauding the accounting firm, the court heard.

Tilling claimed a further £2,225 for 60 theater tickets in a company outing that she organized at Birmingham’s Hippodrome on December 2007.

Tilling was suspended in March 2008. Almost two months after her suspension, Tilling decided to leave PwC. On January 2009, she was arrested in a raid.

Tilling, who admitted to having an affair with her boss John Minards, a partner at PwC, insisted that she made the false documents to prevent the suspicious expenses in her boss’s credit card from being detected by his legal wife.

The Birmingham court finally issued the order last week, declaring her guilty of six counts of fraud involving genuine expenses claim being used to misappropriate payments to herself.

The fraudulent payments were all supported by bogus emails and documents.


2 Comments for “Scandal Involving PwC Employee Ends Up in Imprisonment”

  1. Juliet Carter

    Hang on a moment did she really do all this alone? I think not.
    More like she has been used as a scapegoat!!!

  2. Sue

    I personally think a company such as pwc would have a better internal accounting system that should have easily spotted these fraudulent claims a long time earlier than they did. As for the so-called friends friends she tried to buy I hope they all feel ashamed of themselves for pretending to be her friend in order to gain invitation to her events. Let’s hope they and pwc look at this and then look closely at their part in this sad affair

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