PwC’s Employees Won’t Sue Male Co-workers Over Sexist Emails

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
November 16, 2010 /

After a controversial scandal with PwC “Top 10 Hottie” that spun around Ireland PwC office and put it in a bad light, the female employees who were subject of the sexist emails decided not to sue their 5 suspended male co-workers who are bound to return to work today.

The 13 women, who entered PwC as trainee accountants for three weeks, will no longer file a case in court to litigate the male employees responsible for the“frat boy behavior,” as it has been informally called. This is in contrast to reports last week saying they mulled over pursuing a case in court for sexual harassment to take the involved employees to task for it.

The women employees said they are more interested in keeping their new careers from any controversies and give their jobs more focus instead.

An anonymous source inside Pricewater Coopers said the women employees have been more disturbed by their images being printed on news papers. The source added that PwC employees are of the opinion that however offensive and unacceptable the prank might have been, no heads should roll just because of the offense. The source also revealed that the incident actually happens inside PwC every year.

The same incident is said to be happening usually inside some other accountancy firms and solicitors in all of Ireland and other countries.

The source said PwC employees believed the incident was really terrible for the women trainees, only that it has been blown out of proportion aided by the attention that the media gave to it. Ronan Murphy, PwC’s senior partner in Ireland, stated in an email he disseminated around Irish clients and alumni that the firm exerts every effort to address the controversy seriously.


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