KPMG Appoints Head of Telecommunications for South Asia and Middle East

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
November 09, 2010 /

KPMG just announced the appointment of Stewart White as Head of Telecommunications, MESA. Stewart White will be based in Abu Dhabi and will be given the responsibility for the whole region.

Stewart White without any doubt is the most experienced person and the best choice for KPMG. He worked for seven years at Vodafone.

There were very positive comments from Sean Collins, KPMG’s global Chair. He said that Stewart White is a very experienced person and with his skill in strategic, commercial, public policy and regulatory issues means he is the best choice for the development of telecoms in both MESA and the rest of the world.

David Thomas who is the global head of KPMG’s economics and regulation practice said that Stewart is the best appointment for the regulation and economics team. Stewart White has too much knowledge in regulatory affairs and can really help. There will be a big boost for the telecoms clients.

Stewart White’s knowledge in regulatory affairs has given him so many opportunities in his whole life and now he has surely found a very good spot again in one of the biggest audit firms.

There were also many positive feedbacks from major persons appointed in KPMG regarding Stewart. KPMG is very much delighted to have Stewart in their team and everyone is hoping to see a boost in telecoms clients’ number plus a very competitive position in the market.

KPMG is trying its best to utilize all the capabilities of Stewart White and move to the next step.


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