KPMG and Grant Avery Attain Coveted International Consulting Status

July 04, 2012 /

KPMG has become the first company in New Zealand using New Zealand based consultants to attain international recognition as an Accredited Consulting Organisation (ACO) in PPM (Programme and Project Management), and P3M3® consulting (Portfolio, Programme, and Project Management Maturity Model).

KPMG’s ACO accreditation is an internationally-rated endorsement of KPMG’s consulting expertise in Programme and Project Management practices that other New Zealand-based consultants do not currently possess. Grant Avery says “It provides us a competitive advantage in an important and growing market – that of helping organisations, themselves, change to become more competitive.”

The pace of change in business today is increasing, it’s official. Change and restructuring has become a way of life for public and private sectors globally. Programme and Project Management is a high-stakes game. The technology and culture-change world is littered with the skeletons of project and programme over-runs and failures.

KPMG’s ACO accreditation is an international endorsement of their ability to add value and reduce risks for clients who are working in this high risk space.

The P3M3 best practice was developed by the UK Government to drive up standards and outcomes in public sector portfolio, programme, and project management. The practice is now also growing in the private sector.

The relevance in New Zealand is that that the Australian Federal government has mandated that firms must hold accreditation to handle government P3M3 work, and New Zealand Treasury is promoting the use of improved P3M practices in government here.

The growing demand for ways to improve maturity of P3M practice provides KPMG a strong competitive edge in attracting government and private sector contracts for managing, tracking, or assuring high risk programmes such as ICT-enabled change, business transformation, infrastructure, and defence contracts.

P3M3 has established itself internationally as a low-cost and simple model to help organisations increase the success rates and reduce the costs of their Projects, Programmes and their organisational Portfolio.

“P3M3 scores allow organisations to compare themselves with others around the world, tells them where they should spend “their next ten dollars” for highest-return capability improvement, and provides a baseline from which they can monitor improvements in their P3M capabilities with time.” – Grant Avery.

KPMG is now recognised as the leading New Zealand firm in Project Management Advisory services with the first New Zealand-based consultants to achieve this certification. The accreditation highlights KPMG’s standing as a diverse financial and business services organisation intent on cutting through the complexity of the Project Management world.

Grant Avery is the Advisory Services Director for KPMG’s Wellington Project Advisory Services.


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