EU Budget Contains Irregularities

Steven Bobson, Europe & Americas Editor
November 11, 2010 /

According to Europe’s Court of Auditors, more than 90% of last year’s EU budget was affected by irregularities. This was revealed yesterday.

The report that was published regarding the European Union’s 2009 budget declared that the books were found to be ‘true and fair’. However, it highlighted the fact that there were ‘material errors’ which affected 92% of the spending done.

The report also mentioned that there were concerns over poor public procurement rules and the worsening farm subsidy payments.

Vitor Manuel da Silva Caldeira, who is the President of the Court of Auditors, said in a statement released to the media that, error rates in the European Union’s 2009 budget were quite high.

The Daily Telegraph has reported that the bulk of the EU budget every year comprises of the agriculture spending. The newspaper also reported that in 2009 the budget in this sector was £48.5 billion.
Auditors have found a growing rate of error. This has been mainly linked to people claiming payments for ‘ineligible’ land.

The report by the Court of Auditors has revealed that there has been a noted improvement in the spending of the EU regional aid. Europe’s poorest areas have been targeted, according to the report.


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