Ernst & Young to Hire 6000 Students in United States

Lucas Gilmore, “Big 4″ observer
September 27, 2010 /

Ernst & Young, one of the biggest consultancies in the world is planning to hire 6000 students in United States alone.

Ernst & Young’s Americas Director of Campus Recruiting Dan Black said in a statement that the company is going to set forth its recruitment drive very soon.

Black was speaking at an event that had been co- hosted by The Great Places to Work Institute in New York City. The firm is planning to hire 6000 students in entry-level positions as well as in internships this year. The number of recruits hired this year will be significantly greater than the previous year.

By the end of 2011, the firm is planning to comprise 60% of its total workforce with Generation Y. The significant shift in generational demographics by the firm is a result of the changing desires and needs of recruits and people.

This year the firm is planning to start off its peak recruitment season with new and unique strategies to connect with potential recruits.

Black said that when it came to finding the top talent in any industry, it was still a buyer’s market with the best buyer buying the best recruit. He also said: “The top talent always has options, regardless of the economic conditions.” He also said that his firm was constantly involved in raising standards to attract the best talent pool in the country.

Ernst & Young has been trying to attract young talent for quite some time. This was apparent when it launched its own page on social networking website Facebook in 2006. Other initiatives to connect with a young workforce was to start text poling and increase focus on mobile initiatives and even advertising on lifestyle websites such as Yahoo and Pandora.


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