Saving Money for the Upcoming Spring Season

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
March 01, 2012 /

Saving money for the Spring can work for you in a variety of ways, apart from putting your spare cents in a pot! The mention of spring cleaning does not at first appear the most inspiring thought. However, this is an occupation that cannot only save you money but make you some money.

A study conducted by theSacramentoMunicipal Utility District revealed that the simple operation of maintaining the coils of your fridge in a clean condition will save you about six percent of the electric bill for this one household item, estimated about $2. Never mind the amount, it is a starting point!

Another idea for saving money for the Spring is that based on a report from an energy related source, a dirty filter in an air conditioner can intake between five to fifteen percent more electricity than one with a clean filter. According to estimates, this could mean savings for you of up to $20 per month, when related to a medium sized window unit.

Warmer weather, sunshine with plants and flowers blossoming everywhere, should encourage you to greater savings efforts. Whether you are on a particular Spring mission or just want to have some fun and take a vacation, escaping on a trip in Springtime is a great way to recharge your physical and emotional batteries.

If you plan carefully your Spring break need not strain the finances, so the first things to look out for are special deals on travel. There are always some forms of special offers available on the Internet, from airlines, or, why not take a leisurely, less expensive bus or train journey and see some of the country in the process!

Otherwise, you can plan a road trip. This can be made economical by travelling with friends who will share the costs of gas and travel with you. You can turn it into a fun trip, by stopping along the way at places you would not normally visit and turn it into a memorable experience.

Whatever you decide to do, carry out some research and look for those special offers that are waiting to be discovered.


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