U.S. House Members Is Search for Independent DRPA Oversight

Jack Humphrey, Regulatory journalist
October 01, 2010 /

U.S. Reps. Robert E. Andrews (D., NJ) and Robert Brady (D.,PA) introduced legislation in the House of Representatives to appoint an inspector general independent of the Port Authority for the Delaware River.

The two congressmen have suggested an inspector general will improve the credibility and accountability of the Delaware River Port Authority and help resolve the problems the DRPA has been facing.

The inspector general’s office would conduct yearly audits at the DRPA, provide semiannual reports on the finances of the DRPA, and provide reports annually to the U. S. representatives and governors of the states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. An independent inspector general would also have the responsibility to review complaints of corruption or mismanagement at the DRPA.

The legislation introduced by the two congressmen would give Pennsylvania’s governor the same power of vetoing DRPA’s actions that the governor of New Jersey has had. A citizen’s advisory board would be established and it would allow a representative appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Defense to sit on the DRPA board.

The DRPA is a state authority for Pennsylvania and New Jersey whose powers are established and approved by the governors and legislature of both states, Congress, and the U. S. presidency. The DRPA’s authority encompasses, the Ben Franklin, Walt Whitman, Taconey, Burlington/Bristol, and Commodore Barry bridges that connect New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

The bill by Rep. Brady is H.R.6202. This bill has been referred to the infrastructure and transportation committee as well as the House’s committee on judiciary for consideration.


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