Taxpayers Warned by HMRC Over Scam Tax Phone Calls

Jack Humphrey, Regulatory journalist
August 13, 2010 /

HM revenue & Customs has warned taxpayers against thieves posing as taxman in order to get bank details which they would use to take money from the account of genuine account holders.

HMRC gave the modus operandi of such thieves. These thieves pose as a tax man and make a telephonic call to a tax payer informing them that a tax rebate is in the offing. These fraudsters ask for bank card details over the phone which some taxpayers readily give away. These thieves then attempt to take out the money from the accounts of the tax payers making use of the bank card details provided to them by ignorant tax payers.

For a few dollars, the tax payers reveal their bank accounts whereas all banking institution keep on warning their account holders against such frauds and forbid them to reveal bank account and other details either on phone or as text messages. There are intermediary thieves too, who sell the personal details so collected from the tax payers to another organized gangs highly proficient in such stealing.

The Director of customer contact at HMRC, Chris Hopson, said that they only contact their customers due for tax refunds through posts and never make a telephone call, emails or deputing some external companies to do such jobs. He also strongly urged never to respond to such phone calls or emails and immediately report the matter to the police.

In the last quarter, some 180 web sites were shut down by HMRC which were involved in sending phishing emails and has also warned the taxpayers against such scam taking place.

Recently, a large increase in phishing emails concerning tax scam hs been brought under the notice of HMRC.


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