IIA Releases Annual Report

Jack Humphrey, Regulatory journalist
October 01, 2011 /

The IIA Research Foundation has released its 2010 Annual Report called Focus on the Future.

The report highlights the IIARF accomplishments, financial status, goals for the upcoming year and updates on the state of the profession.

A compilation of materials produced during the year supports the Foundation’s vision to understand, shape and advance the global internal auditing profession, including ground-breaking research initiatives such as Best Practices: Evaluating the Corporate Culture, which provides practical approaches to auditing 30,000-foot issues such as tone at the top, the organization’s ethical climate, and management’s philosophy and operating style.

The Global Internal Audit Survey is a component of the CBOK Study that mobilizes forces around the globe to orchestrate the most comprehensive global study ever conducted on the practice of internal auditing with five reports and a database providing a library of practices and insights covering more than 100 countries.

The report also includes Auditing Human Resources 2nd Edition, which explores the inherent risks associated with this critical organizational function that are often misunderstood by management.

Also included is the New Auditor’s Guide to Planning, Performing, and Presenting IT Audits, which helps internal auditors tackle this rapidly expanding and changing environment by providing easily understandable technology concepts that can be applied to most organizations with limited modification.

The support and hard work of the Foundation donors, volunteers, staff and partners ensure that upcoming research and publications meet the needs of internal auditors around the world, the IIA said.


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