Helen Brand Appointed to New IIRC

Jack Humphrey, Regulatory journalist
August 04, 2010 /

: Helen Brand has been appointed to the newly formed International Integrated Reporting Committee (IIRC). She has been appointed to be a member of its steering committee.

IIRC is a recently formed regulatory body which has been established with the view of bringing an improvement on corporate reporting. The aim of IIRC is not only to make sure that the accountancy profession as a whole works in a way so that it keeps alive the public confidence, but also to ensure that corporate reporting is handled in a way so that it meets all standards.

The IIRC was established as a response to the need for a clear, concise, consistent and comparable integrated reporting framework for the accountancy profession.

The IIRC has been formed by hand-picking people from a cross- section of the society and businesses, corporates, accounting firms and regulators to sit on the committee. The different background of the members of the committee has been done to “allow for a cross-section of opinions to arise as far as corporate reporting is concerned”.

Helen Brand is the Chief Executive of the ACCA. Her appointment has ensured that ACCA gets a seat at the top table of the new IIRC to reform reporting framework.

Helen Brand said in a statement that ACCA is passionate about ensuring that accountancy has a key role to play in this vital area of the economy.

Brand also said that ACCA had for long wanted to have a clear and consistent method for businesses to report on the impacts they have on the society and environment, “including carbon emissions”.

Brand said that the IIRC represents “a considerable force for change.”

With the appointment of Brand, IIRC plans to harbor in proposals from its board that will directly affect the corporate reporting style of accountancy and audit firms.


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