Former Council Leader Expelled by CIPFA

Jack Humphrey, Regulatory journalist
November 04, 2010 /

John Lindsay, The former chief executive of East Lothian Council has been expelled by CIPFA for his fundamentally incompatible behavior and has also been fines £7000.

There were many allegations on the chief executive by disciplinary committee of CIPFA. These allegations were presented to the committee few years ago.

5 years ago the chief executive asked the head of council to draft a report but at the same time asked for the references to advice from COSLA. John Lindsay got the report re-written, the report was lacking the COSLA’s advice that the proposals were a not meeting the requirements of national agreement.

Back in February 2007, there was a report presented to the council which listed the early retirement of the chief executive plus the severance payment of £149,000. The report also included the steps to be taken to appoint a new chief executive from a small number of internal employees.

The report presented was not at all complete and CIPFA said that the report was lacking enough financial advice and guidance regarding the redundancy of Lindsay. The report and some other matters were the reason for the suspension of the chief executive.

The committee mentioned it in clear words that the actions and written submissions of the chief executive were not professional and failed to show ‘any insight or real remorse’ and most of the actions taken in the last years by the chief executive were only for personal gain and not for the company.


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