Competition Commission Probing PVC Roofline Products Merger

June 19, 2012 /

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) has referred the completed acquisition by Epwin Holdings Limited of Latium Building Products Holdings Limited to the Competition Commission for further investigation.

The companies supply replacement windows, rainwater collection products, and PVC roofline products such as soffit boards, fascia and cladding.

The evidence gathered by the OFT indicates that the two companies were close competitors before the merger, and post-merger the parties will be the leading suppliers in PVC roofline products.

Ali Nikpay, OFT Senior Director and Decision Maker in this case said: “We are concerned that the merger will reduce the competitive options for roofers, builders and independent stockists and could lead to price increases. We therefore believe that our duty to refer the merger to the Competition Commission has been triggered in this case.”

The Competition Commission is expected to report by 2 December 2012.


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