Busy CPAs Can Now Avail of New Online Learning Options

Jack Humphrey, Regulatory journalist
November 14, 2011 /

Time-strapped accountants who need to brush up on a subject area or meet continuing professional education (CPE) requirements have a new, cost-effective option, the targeted study programs through CPExpress, an online learning library offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

For CPAs who want to concentrate on specific areas of expertise, CPExpress now offers four specialty libraries namely, Accounting & Auditing, Business & Industry, Governmental and Not-for-Profit, and Taxation.

These collections—which range from 65 to 175 online courses–are priced at a lower rate than the overall CPExpress library. Topics range from accounting updates to tax planning strategies and fraud detection.

Like the rest of CPExpress, the specialty libraries contain titles put together by leading authorities in the profession. Courses typically last one to two hours, yield up to two CPE credits, and are available round-the-clock for subscribers with Internet access.

CPExpress, which now includes more than 900 online courses, serves as a perfect tool for filling in knowledge gaps and rounding out professional education requirements. And all titles are now viewable on an iPad, giving CPAs even more freedom to burnish skills on their own schedule.

“CPExpress provides great value and convenience for members who need real-time technical information, or those who simply are looking to expand their skills and knowledge,” said Mike Ramos, director of CPE and training for AICPA.

“With these new offerings we are hoping to introduce the benefits of CPExpress to those with more specialized knowledge and training needs.”


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