13,000 to Be Axed at HMRC by 2015

Jack Humphrey, Regulatory journalist
October 26, 2010 /

HMRC staff is going to face a new wave of job cuts that could cut down employee numbers by 13,000. This follows a comprehensive spending review.

HMRC staff received an internal message which said that the company wanted to go for a 25% cut in the spending of the department between April 2010 and April 2015.

Lesley Strathie, who is the department’s Chief Executive said that by the time April 2015 comes the company could see 13,000 fewer full-time staff.

Strathie said that there will be fewer staff by 2014/2015 because a large portion of the Company’s budget was going on staff costs. She also said that by April 2015, the company is going to have 56,000 full-time staff. This was 13,000 less than what the Company has had in April this year.

Strathie also said that the company is expecting to have fewer jobs in 2015 which deals with corporate roles like HR, IT and finance as well as processing.

She also said that the company was going to cut into the layers of management that “get in the way of making decisions”.

Strathie added in a statement: ‘It’s also clear we have to do much more to improve customer service – especially in PAYE where we will invest in clearing backlogs and stabilising the system.’

Industrial action by staff is likely if further job cuts happen in HMRC.

Industrial action threatens to cause widespread disruption to tax advisers as well as tax payers, especially if they are planned to coincide with key dates in the tax calendar. HMRC will also find it difficult to clear its backlog of PAYE tax cases. Millions of people had been given the wrong tax codes which resulted in them paying the wrong amount in taxes.


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