The Need for Alternative Loan Options

February 13, 2012 /

The preferred borrowing option is a loan that is unsecured, such as a personal loan. With this type of lending, a form of collateral is not required and is granted with only the borrower’s formal signature and promise of repayment. The paperwork associated with it and the application process is much faster, and bank charges lower, making it a good option for borrowing.

An alternative for borrowing needed money is by using a credit card. However, this is also a method that is relatively expensive, especially if the loan is taken for a long period. By far the best method of money borrowing is through a federal or financial institution.

Education is regarded as being or primary importance and there are alternative loan programs for students from which to borrow. A short browsing session through the Internet will reveal many choices. They are an excellent alternative when attempts for all other forms of borrowing for further education have failed. However, their use should only be after exhaustive searches with federal and institutional financing.

Today, many families find it difficult to fund the costs of higher education. There are some financial groups making it a viable business raising lower-interest loans, when money is urgently needed for education, but at a cost. Generally, loans of up to $30,000 per annum, are available at an interest rate attached to the prime rate. Repayment periods can be extended up to twenty years, depending on the amount borrowed and the particular terms of the contract.  This is enormous help for the families without disposable income, who believe in further education for their children’s future.

Private education funding depends a lot on the student’s creditworthiness and any present debt.  Having another person as a co-signer, is an advantage with the application approval process. It sometimes is a help with reducing the cost of the loan. Many programs consider the citizenship status of the applicant as well before granting a loan.


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