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Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
April 11, 2012 /

In late March the latest trends in debit and credit cards were shown in Orlando by a record number of excited banking executives. The idea was to keep their shareholders happy, by lending more money to consumers.

One of the highlighted fashionable cards displayed was the “Zirconium”, presented by the First National Bank of Manitowoc. This card earns the user 100 reward points for every Dollar spent on a purchase. The enticement for new credit cards holders is 250,000 bonus points for the signup. Another incentive is 100,000 points for the chance of being “Photo-shopped” into a paparazzi photograph with Courtney Stodden!

Next in the fashion card parade was the stir creating, ominous sounding “Stealth” card, offered by the Arjeta Bank. This was a Swiss start-up which recently launched the card and reports indicate that it is so secure that even the cardholder is not authorized to view what they have spent.

Adding to the image of the card is that new customers have the choice of three customizable designs. One features an etched portrait of Julian Asange, the Wikileaks founder; Anna Chapman, a former secret agent, or you can choose Wesley Snipes! It goes further into the realm of “James Bond”; with the card being made of Teflon coated gold bullion. Adding to this is that each Stealth card has the capacity to be melted down, to act as emergency funds, should there be a global economic collapse.

The Approved card 2.0 seemed tame, when compared with the glamorous “Stealth” card. It was originally launched in 2011, with some controversy. The version this year is called the “Denied” card, which may be confusing for some customers. Although the card offers unlimited spending, the denial factor becomes apparent to ecstatic users, when all transactions are denied as a warning to them to stop spending money.

The Hillenbrand “One” cards used panel of loss prevention, when it unveiled its own particular concept of a credit cards. It is a card that automatically decomposes within 10 seconds after it is swiped. This could not be considered as dramatic as the “Stealth card. Apparently there were some environmental disputes regarding the material content of this card.

There is an obsession prevailing among Americans concerning a good credit score. The Jonas Brothers Credit Union displayed their FICO Optimizer Card, incorporating and electronic link and 4G wireless networks. On the face of the card is always displayed the real-time FICO score of the cardholder. This is all for the nominal monthly charge of $19.99.

A security factor presented by specialists, concerned a new hacking technique. It involved revealing consumer credit cards information to Ukrainian organized crime syndicates, before the card numbers had been released to new customers. It was stated this had been pre-empted and cloaking technology was in place.


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