Saving Money for the Spring Season

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
February 24, 2012 /

When one holiday season has finished, the time arrives to start thinking about the next shopping spree! Now, it is about saving money for the Spring Season, but how do we go about it?

Possibly one of the first thoughts that come to mind is to be clever and buy the most goods possible for the least money. Fortunately, January is “Sale Time”, so indulge in the seasonal discounted sale offers on various goods and enjoy saving money. Buying goods at the right time can provide significant savings, as some of the discounts offered are true temptations. Adding to the incentive is that most stores do not want any leftover goods on their floors when the new ranges arrive.

As usual, it is worth doing some research into what the various stores are offering and comparing prices. Keep in mind to try to negotiate a price for an item you want, as stores need to clear their stock and do not want to lose sales.  Free delivery and installation are also usually negotiable and saving money is possible in that direction.

Apparently, there are specific months that are better for buying certain items! The month for saving money on linen and television sets is reputedly January, with February recognized as perfect for floor coverings and furniture. This is now sounding like a well-known song, with March next in line for sporting gear. This particularly applies to stock holdings by the smaller sporting sections of department stores.

Usually, markdown pricing is a great incentive and planning a shopping expedition on a holiday weekend such as President’s Day is a smart move. Another common sense idea for saving money is to allow the competition between stores to work for you when buying new goods.

However, whenever you decide to go on that shopping spree, make the most of it, until the next one!


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