Men or Women: Who Spends More Time Worrying About Personal Finances?

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
April 30, 2012 /

According to a conducted survey of over 1200 participants, seventy five percent of people are generally worried about cash flows related to their personal finances However, forty percent of men and women surveyed, admitted to spending more time worrying about the situation, then taking action to remedy it!

Another interesting fact emerged, relating to the gender of the participants, who were more likely to be concerned about the condition of their budgets.  A higher proportion of men at 45%, compared to 37% of women, said they spend a greater amount of time being concerned about their personal finances situation, than in related planning.

Further information revealed that those who planned their personal finances were able to almost double their monthly savings, to about £104.39. It equates to about £600 every year, which is sufficient to pay a usual rate for gas and electricity over about six months.

This was in comparison to men and women, who instead, spent most time on the stress factor, which seems to be a cycle for many Britons. It creates a further decline in personal finances and more worry.

Another statistic related to this revealed that one in ten participants, who said they were concerned about finances on a daily basis, only reviewed the position once a month.


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