ETF Securities Enters Swiss Market

Michelle Remo, “Big 4″ observer
September 13, 2012 /

ETF Securities is entering the Swiss market as a new provider with eight products for which Susquehanna will act as market maker.

This entails a growth to 18 ETF issuers at SIX Swiss Exchange. The range of products now comprises a record number of 880 ETFs.

Rima Haddad, Head of Switzerland & Middle East at ETF Securities, comments “We are seeing a lot of interest and demand from Swiss investors in our products and are pleased to now be able to offer a range of investment solutions based on commodities and commodity related equities on the local exchange.”

In an interview, Rima Haddad introduces ETF Securities and presents the eight Exchange Traded Funds newly-listed on SIX Swiss Exchange.

Alain Picard, Head Product Management at SIX Swiss Exchange, comments: “We welcome ETF Securities as a new ETF issuer at SIX Swiss Exchange. We look forward to innovative products for which the Swiss financial center will offer an attractive sales market and the Swiss stock exchange a transparent and efficient trading center.”

SIX Swiss Exchange one of the first European stock exchanges to open an ETF segment in the fall of 2000 and has recorded strong growth for over eleven years. You will find detailed figures on our website and in the ETF Quarterly Statistics.

ETF Securities was founded in 2003 and gained international renown in the same year with the first listed physical gold ETP. Today ETF Securities is one of the leading European providers in the area of exchange-traded products (ETPs), i.e. collateralized bearer debt securities replicating an underlying instrument. Since 2008 the London-based company has also been floating ETFs.


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