Consumer Attitudes and Increase in Americans Who Believe Economy Is on the Right Track

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
April 05, 2012 /

According to a 2012 National Housing Survey conducted by Fannie Mae; the concerns expressed by Americans regarding consumer attitudes about personal finances & housing are declining, when com pared to the late summer and fall of 2011.

The figures quoted show that 35 percent of Americans polled, think that the U.S. economy is on the right track, a rise of 19 in percentage points since November. Comparably, 57 percent disagree, which is a decrease of 18 percentage points since November.  Attitudes relating to household income and expenses, as well as towards homeowner-ship and renting, are maintaining a steady level. However, Americans’ consumer attitudes about personal finances & housing and losing their jobs during the next twelve months have become more stable. The survey revealed that 76 percent were unconcerned in February 2012 in comparison to 70 percent in November 2011.

The rise in confidence relating to consumer attitudes about personal finances & housing continued this month, showed with a 5 percentage increase. Only 12 percent of those surveyed, thought their personal financial situation would deteriorate during the next twelve months. The balances regarding a significantly lower income showed a decrease of 1 percentage point and those who consider it had remained the same shoed a 1 percentage point increase. Indications were that expenses have increased significantly, with a 3 percentage point decrease, the lowest level in 12 months.

The Fannie Mae National Housing Survey polled 1,003 Americans by telephone and it is the most detailed consumer attitudinal survey of its type. Consumer attitudes about personal finances & housing and those who rent properties are asked over 100 questions, which are utilized in tracking attitudinal shifts. The monthly and quarterly results are shared, with the objective of helping industry and marketers, collectively to stabilize the housing market.

Fannie Mae has a Federal Charter, with a purpose to extend the opportunity for affordable housing and attract global capital to local communities. The organization operates within the American secondary mortgage market and provides funding to mortgage bankers and other lenders for them to lend to home buyers.


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