Statistical Sampling Seminar for Internal Auditors to Premiere Online

Sarah Woodman, Global events journalist
April 22, 2011 /

A statistical sampling seminar for internal auditors will premiere as a four-session virtual conference on May 16-19, 2011 from 2:00-5:20PM EST.

The seminar aims to provide participants the opportunity to learn about the strategies and pitfalls regarding data collection facing auditors and to raise their issues and concerns about the topic.

It will specifically teach them how to summarize introductory terminology and methodology related to statistical sampling, employ random sampling techniques, identify non-random sampling techniques, apply the binomial equation formula to calculate sample size, employ methods for adjusting sample size, practice combining results, given a scenario, describe elements within the report and track key information at a high level throughout the planning phase.

Sampling techniques to be taught are simple, stratified, dollar unit, stop/go (random sampling) and quota and judgmental (non-random sampling ). The seminar will also explain how to calculate sample size and adjust for population size and resource constraints and examine the concept of strategic sampling to get the most information for minimum cost, including how to combine results, extrapolate and what to report.

Audit executives, audit managers and auditors in both the public and private sectors are invited to attend.

The online course can be customized and brought to any interested participant’s organization or chapter as an on-site training at his/her convenient time.

The same seminar will also be offered in Orlando, Florida and in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 15-16 and November 2-3 this year, respectively.

There are no prerequisites for the seminar but participants are requested to bring an audit he/she is currently working on that is still in the planning stage and a calculator.


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