Internal Audit Strategy & Innovation Forum in Amsterdam, 4-5 April 2011

Sarah Woodman, Global events journalist
December 02, 2010 /

Thought Leader Global will hold its 3rd “Internal Audit Strategy & Innovation” forum on April 4-5, 2011 at Hotel Pulitzer, Amsterdam. The internal audit event will center on the integration of performance, ERM and assurance, and IT risk.

Featuring presentations of various top managers and internal auditors of large companies, the event is intended to provide attendees with industry experiences, allow for comparison of solutions and specific strategies that they may use in initiating the transformation in their businesses.

Some of the representatives from major market players presenting at the internal audit event are: Koen Albers, Head of Internal Audit at VMW; Arnout van der Veer, Chief Risk Officer at Reed Elsevier; Audrey Coutinho-Anand, CAE at Reed Elsevier; Klaus Lendle, Head of Internal Audit at Allianz Deutschland; Manfred Wolf & Markus Falk, CAE and Head of Central Internal Audit Functions at SAP, and many more.

On the first day of the event discussions about transformation of internal audit role, in-control statements, measuring performance and the success of compliance in emerging markets, ERM, and environmental challenges are planned. The second day is scheduled for operational and IT audit, full population testing, executive remuneration, audit committees, and entrepreneurial audit.

Thought Leader Global said the current competitive environment calls for internal auditors to prepare to respond to challenges and opportunities that come with it.

It also sees opportunities for internal audit in the monitoring of performance and identification of risks as a result of this monitoring. Determining risks associated with a company’s strategies needs real-time transparency in the operations and performance level measurement, it said.

Though Leader Global also finds strategies for transformation in the proper use of data through IT tools. “Additionally, improved auditing of projects and embedding ERM into the business is an ongoing priority,” it added.

Thought Leader Global was established 2 years ago by group of event planners conducting in-house research on corporate risks, internal audit, taxation, mergers & acquisitions and hosted events in these areas with guest speakers having practical experiences and knowledge in their areas of specialisation.

3rd Internal Audit Strategy & Innovation forum is a CPE/CPD event, with certifications given right after and entitles you to 15 CPE/CPD points.


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