CAR-Serbia Project: Training Seminar on Forensics Accounting for Financial Investigation Unit

Sarah Woodman, Global events journalist
April 11, 2011 /

CAR Serbia Project will hold a three day training seminar on forensic accounting from 11 to 13 April 2011 in Hotel Balkan, Belgrade, Serbia.

Four Council of Europe experts will be engaged in this training which composes a number of interactive sessions where participants will be involved in discussing and providing feed back on specific case studies.

Scheduled topics for the first day are introduction to forensic accounting: definition, types of work and distinction of expert role and how to find and analyse financial data: reviewing sources of financial data including internal company information (books and records), external (tax returns, mortgage applications, etc.) and non-financial evidence.

For the second day, expected topics are the use of computer forensics, presenting financial evidence in court expert witness testimony versus witness of fact workshop, E-discovery (disclosure of large volumes of data) and introduction and overview of SOCA.

For the third day, a technical session covering the international co-operation legal framework, informal channels for information, external sources of data/information, letters of request and jurisdictions (with examples of court orders to obtain information

International Asset Sharing Agreements) will be held. A workshop on letters of request and a GT case example and workshop on how to trace assets offshore and into difficult jurisdictions will follow before a discussion of feedback points learned that will wrap the whole training.

The seminar training is part of a European Union funded project, the Project on Criminal Assets Recovery in Serbia which is implemented by the Council of Europe.


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