4th Corporate Fraud and Corruption Forum November 17-18, 2011 Amsterdam

Sarah Woodman, Global events journalist
October 15, 2011 /

Thought Leader Global is holding its 4th Corporate Fraud and Corruption Forum on November 17-18, 2011 at Amsterdam.

“Audit, Compliance and Legal Departments are not only required to maintain business integrity, they need to implement these strategies in a meaningful way that goes beyond theory and rhetoric and has a measurable impact on their company, employees and business partners,” Thought Global Leader said.

“Enterprises are deploying advanced tools to analyse information and detect fraud more than ever before. Fraud audit information, web 2.0 content and transactional data are being examined in sophisticated ways to locate possible acts of fraud.

“Focus should be placed on supporting an ethical business culture, improving detection and handling the difficult legal challenges: interviewing and pursuing employees, dealing with data protection, labor laws and of course the regulatory requirements of FCPA, the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention and the impact of the UK Bribery Act.”

The event features Kontron on ROI on Fraud Management; Credibom on Fraud Investigation, Social Media and Web 2.0; Aon on FCPA and Regulation: recent cases and enforcement priorities; Canton of Geneva Regulatory Perspective on Corruption and Enforcement; OECD on Anti-Bribery Convention; Centrica on Implementing a Frand Prevention Framework; Microsoft on Discussing its Compliance Technologies: a Vigilant Approach; BNP Paribas on Proactive Approach on Fraud Risk Management; Wolseley’s on Adequate Procedures in place under the Bribery Act; Actavis on Running a Group with Interaction among Compliance, Audit, Legal; European Investment Bank on Debarment Regimes; Gamesa on Implementing Business Integrity in its Group; Mondi’s on Management of Whistleblowers;
Dow’s on Approach for a Global Code of Conduct and Compliance Mechanism;
Norsk Hydro on Fraud Prevention through Internal Controls; and Carlson Wagonlit on Hospitality, Entertainment, Traveling, Gifts, Sponsorship.


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