Deloitte’s 17th Annual Tax Faculty Symposium Connects Thought Leaders from Academia and Tax Profession

Sarah Woodman, Global events journalist
May 06, 2012 /

Beginning April 26, tax professors from select colleges and universities across the country will convene at the Deloitte Foundation’s 17th annual Tax Faculty Symposium. During the two-day event, taking place at Deloitte University in Westlake, Tex., brings educators and specialists from Deloitte Tax LLP together to discuss business and tax professional issues as well as current trends in tax legislation, regulation, learning, and tax technology, among other topics.

“The Tax Faculty Symposium presents a unique networking opportunity for professors to connect with Deloitte Tax professionals,” said Shaun Budnik, president of the Deloitte Foundation.

“It enables the participants to discuss the challenges facing the profession today and to identify the future trends that may impact it tomorrow. A goal of the Deloitte Foundation is to provide educators with the tools necessary to develop the next generation of tax and business talent and we are confident this symposium plays an important role in doing that.”

Carl Allegretti, chairman and chief executive officer, Deloitte Tax LLP, added, “The marketplace is changing and this is having an impact on the tax profession. As stewards for the talent of the future, Deloitte has a responsibility to share our research, studies and perspectives with the tax academic community.

“Deloitte University gives us a new cutting-edge way to do this, and it is the ideal venue for sharing ideas, insights and real-world experiences as well as building relationships both with the top tax talent and America’s leading tax professors.”


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