ACSD Promotes Computer Security Day with Posters

Bob Styran, IT audit expert
November 30, 2010 /

November 30 marks the annual celebration of Computer Security Day which commenced in 1988 to wage the drive of making people aware of the different issues related to computer network security.

The Association for Computer Security Day (ACSD) highlights this year’s celebration with various materials including free posters that underline the importance of raising consciousness among the public to protect its computers and information.

Different organizations worldwide observe Computer Security Day to prop up the cause of the event.

The ACS posted on its website the 2009 Computer Security Day Posters which are contributed by CSD participants to give different organizations the opportunity to partake in the celebration of The Day. These posters also remind visitors of the site of the celebration and the pervading theme, “Managing Risk” and how to respond to it.

Computer Security Day is said to provide information security professionals the chance to raise the degree of consciousness within their uses.


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