ACFE Interviewing Techniques for Auditors Seminar

Sarah Woodman, Global events journalist
May 09, 2011 /

The Association of Fraud Examiners (ACFE) is going to hold an Interviewing Techniques for Auditors Seminar on May 16-17, 2011 in The Brown Hotel, Louisville, KY.

This two-day, instructor-led course aims to teach participants how to conduct more effective interviews in the audit process in order to increase their effectiveness in obtaining the truth and detecting lies and deception.

The following are the topics to be discussed in the seminar and their brief description:

First, Fundamentals of Eliciting Information. This topic focuses on improving the ability to develop rapport with people of varying status, gender,that can influence how quickly a person will feel comfortable talking with another person.

Second, Dealing with Difficult People. This topic talks about breaking down barriers that challenge auditors and the audit process that difficult people set up.

Third, Internal vs. External Auditors. This topic compares the advantages and disadvantages of an inside auditor and an outside auditor and how it affect the interview process.

Fourth, Applying Professional Skepticism During the Interview. This topic teaches interviewers to size up the interviewee’s answers and to know whether he/she is hiding something or does not want to admit not knowing the answer.

Fifth, Developing Valuable Questions on the Fly. This topic will give tips on how interviewers can spontaneously ask questions to explore issues that surface during an interview that he/she were formerly unaware of or did not see coming.

Sixth, Preparing for the Unexpected. This topic talks about how interviewers can change the direction of the interview or how they can deal with serious issues of a legal or human resources nature

Seventh, Documenting and Reviewing the Interview. This topic will discuss  typical problems when reviewing workpapers and how to suggest better follow up questions after an interview.

The CPE credits for this event is 16.


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