2011 Series of OCC Credit Risk Workshops for Directors

Sarah Woodman, Global events journalist
January 25, 2011 /

The United States Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) will hold a series of workshops from February to November this year aimed at informing directors of how to carry out their supervisory responsibilities to influence credit risk in their organizations.

Credit risk constitutes the foremost challenge facing directors today. How to manage that risk in a way that sustains profitability, narrows losses, and meets regulatory standards is key to success. This valuable workshop helps directors achieve those goals,” Jennifer Kelly, Senior Deputy Comptroller for Midsize/Community Bank Supervision, said.

The one-day credit risk workshop will run all throughout the year in different venues within the USA and specifically invites directors of a national community bank or federal savings association whose size of asset is less than $1 billion. Participants will hear lectures on credit risk from OCC examiners who have experience in assessing credit risk management systems.

The workshops will also allow senior managers and directors to discuss and share experiences with each other in wrestling with foreclosure issues. With 35 directors being set as the maximum number of participants in a workshop, OCC targets an open dialogue, with pre-course reading materials to be provided for the participants.

The credit risk workshop will tackle trends and current issues in the industry, role of the directors and the management, updates about changes in credit risk, and ways to effect changes.

The OCC observes that credit risk appears every now and then in balance sheets distributed across different products, activities, and services. It said the workshop will specifically focus on credit risk within the loan portfolio since it is the largest source of this risk over which the directors have the ability to control.


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