Marco Rubio on Obama’s Jobs Proposal: ‘It’s Not a Real Jobs Plan’

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
October 22, 2011 /

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) has called President Barack Obama’s jobs proposal a “bailout” and “stimulus 2.0″, criticizing the legislation for not solving the real issue on unemployment.

The jobs proposal was also frustrated by Republicans in the Senate.

Rubio said he only supports a “real jobs plan,” and that what Obama has proposed is not even close to being so, adding that the legislation is just another bailout of local governments.

Obama introduced the $35 billion legislation to prevent layoffs of teachers, police officers and firefighters in cash-strapped states. More than 85 percent of the funding, or $30 billion, would have gone to saving teaching jobs, with the rest of the money directed to first-responders.

Rubio made cutting criticisms in a video statement. He said that although some members of his family are firefighters and teachers, he could not support proposals to increase spending considering an already massive federal debt.

“We can not afford to be bailing out local governments. We can not afford stimulus 2.0. We can not afford another stimulus program, which is what the president is proposing,” he said.

This is the second time in two weeks that Senate Republicans voted unanimously to block “jobs” legislation, which stands in the center of agenda of the Obama administration and Senate Democratic leaders.

Previously, majority of Democrats frustrated a second “jobs” legislation introduced by Republicans aimed at eliminating a rule that requires the federal government to withhold a 3 percent tax from federal contracts.

Sen. Marco Rubio called for Republicans and Democrats to join forces and pass the portions of the two jobs proposals that overlap.


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