Collective Bargaining Rights Supporters Vs Republicans?

Steven Bobson, Europe & Americas Editor
February 18, 2011 /

New Republican Governor Scott Walker has expressed his nod on wiping out the collective bargaining rights of public employees and increasing their payments on healthcare and pension, a move that is likely to hit the middle class.

On February 16, tens of thousands of protesters gathered around the rotunda of the State Capitol in Wisconsin to voice out their opposition against the move to eliminate the collective bargaining rights of state workers by  the Republicans which also pushed today to hamper President Obama’s healthcare reform plans.

The move by the Republicans to push through the bill seeking to abolish the collective bargaining rights of state workers will affect commissions, state agencies, boards, and state institutions of higher education if it passes into law.

Public employees such as teachers will also be required to present their merit to be paid under the bill.

Walker’s approval for the bill promptly gained favor from the Senate which is dominated mostly by Republicans amid calls from protesters to discard it.

More than 200 tea party activists who dressed up in red shirts have clashed today with state unions challenging the bill before the Statehouse rotunda.

Union leaders consider the bill as an attack against the middle class workers who are relying on collective bargaining to keep their living afloat. They argue that the blame should be put on Ohio’s economic crisis and tax cuts for the past six years and not on them.

But Mike Wilson, head of the Cincinnati Tea Party, told the crowd that the bill does not seek to go against the middle class or state employees. He said it is about “math,” referring to the rapid rate with which the government grows more quickly than the “taxpayers’ ability to support it.”


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