US Business Community Prefers the Republican Party to Come to Power: FTI Consulting

Sarah Woodman, Global events journalist
October 02, 2010 /

According to an election outlook poll by FTI Consulting, the American business community wants the Republicans to take over the Congress. It thinks that that the move will increase capital expenditures and hiring.

FTI Consulting, Inc. is a global business advisory firm and consultancy.

FTI has published a non-partisan Election Outlook Poll of US investors, small-business owners and financial advisors. The poll has shown that the business community has a clear preference for the Republican party for at least one house of the Congress.

78% of the respondents to the poll, which means more than three-fourths, said that if the Democratic Party were to lose the elections for at least one house of the Congress, it would have the best possible outcome for their business.

55% of those polled said that the best outcome for their business would be if the Republican Party would take control of both the houses of the Congress and the Senate.

23% of those polled said that GOP control over the House would have the best outcome.

When the poll representatives were asked to think about a hypothetical situation where the Republican Party would be in power, 64% said that the overall economic conditions would get an improvement. 63% said that this would automatically improve their business and investment opportunities.

60% of the poll respondents were of the opinion that hiring would increase while 56% expected that capital expenditures would get a raise.

The FTI Consulting Election Outlook Poll found two-thirds of the respondents it polled to disapprove the job the present President is doing to manage the economy. 87% said that the present administration does not understand the challenges and difficulties the business community is facing at the moment.


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