IBM Launches Social Networking Platform

Steven Bobson, Europe & Americas Editor
November 10, 2010 /

IBM has announced its new software services to help businesses improve business performance in an increasingly connected global environment.

The new software that has been launched by IBM will be delivering advanced analytics capabilities that will help users gain access to information and people on the fly to accelerate collaboration and be more effective in their jobs.

IBM said in a statement released to the media that the company believed that an organization’s brand is experienced through its people increasingly and this leads to a significant increase in customer demand for social networking capabilities in business.

With its new software, IBM has responded to this market opportunity by launching a new Global Business Services initiative. Its services have been aimed at helping businesses understand social networking and how it can be best used to improve their business relationships with customers.

A transformation has been taking place globally as a new breed of social media-adept workers is joining the workforce.

The 2010 IBM Chief Human Resource Officer Study found that businesses which are financial out-performers are more likely to allow their employees to use various social networking and collaborative tools.

The study also found that only 23% of the respondent employees use social networking or collaborative technologies to preserve critical knowledge. Just above a quarter of those surveyed said that they used social networking tools to spread innovation throughout their organizations.

The new software IBM launched is called IBM Lotus Connections 3.0. This is the first social networking platform that will help organizations transform into social businesses. It will help people gain faster insight and use advanced analytics capabilities to access relevant information for improved productivity.

Alistair Rennie, who is the general manager of collaboration and social software at IBM, said: “Social business helps organizations transform the way they work by connecting people and accelerating decision-making.”


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