Capco Appoints New Head for UK FRC Team

Jack Humphrey, Regulatory journalist
November 15, 2010 /

Capco has announced that it will expand its Finance, Risk & Compliance team with the appointment of Mark Connolley as its UK lead.

Capco is a international business and technology consulting firm serving the financial industry clients solely.

The role of Connolley will be to oversee the UK FRC practice’s work as it goes into a severe growth mode.

Capco is equipped with understanding and industry knowledge of finance, compliance practices, risk management and it is reports an growth in demand for its services as reaction of financial institutions to the various new and emerging changes in industry regulations.

The economic downturn proved that firms need to price and understand risk properly.

Connolley will be joining Capco after being previously employed by Ernst & Young. Ernst & Young is a Big 4 firm. There, Connolley most recently held the post of an Executive Director of the Risk & Regulation practice.

Connolley has started his financial services career as a practitioner. He later moved on to consultancy services where he specialized in risk management in Capital Markets and Retail Banking.

Ismail Amla, who is the UK CEO of Capco, said that the firm was delighted that Connolley has joined it with the aim of helping in developing and building up the Finance, Risk & Compliance practice in the UK.

Amla also said: “Capco is strengthening its expertise in every area of the financial services industry in order to provide the end-to-end service our clients look to us for.”

On his appointment, Connolley said: “I would argue that the central tenets of good risk management are the same as those of good commercial management and that addressing the issues that the regulators seek to address can be aligned with strategic, cultural and system change.”


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