Skies Start to Look Brighter

Kimberly Watson, Editor in Chief
February 29, 2012 /

Dr. Ashley Steel, KPMG’s global chair for aviation comments on today’s IAG full year results: “With non oil costs down and revenues up, IAG, with its operating units of BA and Iberia, has delivered great results in some of the most difficult economic times since BA’s privatisation decades ago.”

“This comes on the back of good results at EasyJet, Ryan Air and Aer Lingus who are all performing well and demonstrating strong management. Further confidence in the sector can be taken from Etihad’s investment in Air Berlin, IAG’s planned acquisition of Bmi and new aircraft announcements at Virgin.”

“The skies definitely start to look brighter. The recipe for success seems to be a mixture of the right ownership structure, size (the bigger the better), and most important leadership.”

“Bold and confident leadership will be the most important ingredient for success – and at the moment we seem to have this in spades.”


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