NHS Offers Many Healthcare Services Online

May 24, 2012 /

Commenting on the publication of the Government’s NHS Information Strategy, Andrew Hine, partner and UK head of public healthcare at KPMG, welcomes the decision to offer many healthcare services online.

He also says that the announcement is one step on the road towards transforming the NHS.

Andrew comments: “Creating a ‘switched on’ NHS will put power back in the hands of patients because today’s consumers of healthcare are already more than comfortable with the online world. The successful transformation from’ high street’ to ‘high speed’ shopping is an example of how consumers drive change so it is encouraging to see moves to bring the NHS in line with other walks of life.

“The prospect of bringing in a ‘record once, share many’ approach to gathering patient data is also a bold step which will help break down the barriers existing between different parts of the health and social care system. It’s a major step on the long road towards creating a truly personalised service and putting patients firmly at the centre of the care model.

“Next steps will revolve around identifying exactly how implementation will work. After all, it’s not just treatment at the point of delivery that counts – where and how it is done can have a dramatic impact on patient well-being, reduce the burden on staff and help reduce costs. For the moment though, it appears that this is just what the doctor ordered.”


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