KPMG Welcomes Alan Milburn’s Update Progress Report on Social Mobility in the Professions

May 31, 2012 /

Commenting on Alan Milburn’s update report on access to the professions, Marianne Fallon, Head of Corporate Affairs at KPMG, said:

‪“We welcome Alan Milburn’s report and the continuing focus on this area. Social mobility is vital to the professions. As the world changes, so must we. We actively want to broaden our intake and offer opportunities to a wider talent pool. The professions are in fact intricately interlinked, so that it is important for every profession to move in the same direction. At KPMG, we employ a much greater range of people than just accountants – we recruit lawyers, experts from the medical profession, surveyors to name but a few, so poor social mobility in one can affect all.

‪“With career and working patterns changing, there is much greater demand for mobility as people look to move between opportunities more and follow their own path. If we are to embrace mobility in that way, it is essential that we are able to offer scope for all talented people regardless of their background.

“At KPMG we have invested in initiatives such as our school leaver programme – which offers a university degree with all tuition fees paid and work experience – that are aimed specifically at widening our social intake but recognise that there is always more to do in a process of continual evolution.”


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