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May 28, 2012 /

The IFRS Foundation recognises the important role of those teaching IFRSs in developing capacity to apply IFRSs rigorously and consistently. To support those teaching IFRSs to develop in their students the skills and knowledge needed to interpret IFRSs (including the IFRS for SMEs) and to make the judgements that are necessary to apply it, the IASB’s education initiative has embarked on an extensive Framework-based teaching project. For more information about the education initiative and its plans for the five year period ending 31 December 2016 see

To kick-start the project the IASB’s education staff are developing Framework-based teaching resources and using those resources they are facilitating a number of Framework-based teaching workshops for those teaching IFRSs.


Date Duration Place Conference Attendance
27 August 1.5 hours Belem, Brazil Congresso Brasileiro de Contabilidade
5 August 3 hours Washington DC, USA American Accounting Association Annual Meeting (pre-conference session #39)
23 July 1 day Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia The World Bank together with the Ministry of Finance (Mongolia)
4 July 1 hour Melbourne, Australia Accounting and Finance Academics Association of Australian and New Zealand (AFAANZ) Annual Conference
20 June 1.5 hours Amsterdam, Netherlands The Vrije University Amsterdam, The Netherlands Institute of Chartered Accountants (NBA) and the International Association for Accounting Education and Research (IAAER)
13 June 1.5 hours Bucharest, Romania 7th International Conference Accounting and Management Information Systems (AMIS) 2012
14 May 1 hour London, UK IASB staff annual event for IFRS Teachers 30 participants from 20 countries
9 May 3 hours Ljubljana, Slovenia European Accounting Association Annual Meeting 50 participants from 20 countries
30 April 1 day The Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis Institute of Chartered Accountants of the Eastern Caribbean IFRS Foundation IFRSs workshop (sponsored by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank with funding from World Bank) 70 participants from 6 countries
30 April 3 hours Buraidah, Saudi Arabia IFRS Conference - College of Business and Economics – Qassim University 20 participants
27 April Bodrum, Turkey 31st National Symposium on Accounting Education in Turkey 20 participants
18 April 2 hours Brighton, UK British Accounting and Finance Association Conference 20 participants


Framework-based teaching workshops

The presenters outline the benefits of the Framework-based approach for teaching IFRSs. They demonstrated how to link the IFRS principles being taught to the objective of financial reporting and other concepts in The Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting and how to focus on developing students’ ability to make the judgements and estimates to apply IFRS requirements. The sessions in 2012 are supported by comprehensive teaching material on property, plant and equipment at three stages in the CA/CPA qualification stream. The teaching material—teaching notes and tutorials for stages 1 and 2, a case study for stage 3 and the related PowerPoint presentation—are available on the IFRS website (see The IFRS Foundation is grateful to the academic accounting association, development agencies and others who have worked with us in organising these workshops.

More information about past workshop, including free downloads of the material used in the workshops, can be found here:

IASB staff days for IFRS teachers

On 14 May 2012 the IASB staff held a one-day meeting with IFRS teachers in London, United Kingdom. The meeting was attended by IFRS teachers from 20 countries. Following the welcome by Hans Hoogervorst (IASB Chairman) the IASB education staff facilitated a Framework-based IFRS teaching session. Then the IASB project staff provided an update on the projects on the IASB’s active agenda. Finally, the IASB staff that led the development of the new and amended IFRSs whose application become mandatory in 2013 answered questions from the IFRS teachers about those Standards.

More information about IASB staff days for IFRS teachers (including registration information for the June 2013 meeting and the material used at the 2012 meeting) can be found here:


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