IOSCO Reports on Institutional Investors in Emerging Markets

Jack Humphrey, Regulatory journalist
June 15, 2012 /

The International Organization of Securities Commissions has published a report on Development and Regulation of Institutional Investors in Emerging Markets, which focuses on a wide range of developmental issues and challenges faced by emerging markets seeking to develop their institutional investor base.

Some of these challenges include limited capital market size and liquidity, competition to capital market investment from substitute services, regulatory restrictions, overly dominant distribution channels and constraints on cross-border activities. Additional discussions on related macro-economic and capital market conditions in the emerging markets and analysis of cross-border activities of institutional
investors are also included in the report.

The report offers a set of key recommendations for policy makers and regulators looking to attract and better regulate institutional investors in their jurisdictions. It highlights the importance of the legal protection of property and ownership rights. It also emphasizes the need to ensure reasonable transaction costs, develop flexible trading and hedging mechanisms, remove undue administrative impediments on product authorization processes, build a multi-pillar pension system with tax incentives and provide a level playing field for foreign investors.

Finally, the report recommends that regulators periodically review the regulatory framework and coverage, combine deregulation with enhanced supervision and enforcement, and improve coordination with other regulatory bodies to monitor, mitigate and manage systemic risk.


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