Integrated Approach to Healthcare Is Key to Future Success of NHS – KPMG

Michelle Remo, “Big 4″ observer
February 10, 2012 /

The government’s new amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill have accelerated the steps already taken to change how health services will be delivered across the UK, Andrew Hine, Partner and UK Head of Public Healthcare at KPMG, comments on the impact of integration on patient care.

The amendments acknowledge the fact that healthcare is provided in environments extending beyond hospital walls and recognise that an integrated approach to healthcare is the best way to create a better all-round experience for patients, at the same time as reducing costs.

“The reality is, care doesn’t just begin and end at hospital doors. Patients look to their GPs, the social care teams and hospital staff to provide a complete service meaning that integration across the entire care pathway provides the greatest opportunity to deliver a complete service – one which puts the needs and concerns of the patients at its heart.

“Our own investigations suggest that local authorities are not just willing to be part of the overall solution to the future of Britain’s healthcare system; they see it as their responsibility. That’s why integrated services are becoming increasingly evident up and down the country and why any move by the Government to help bring a joined up approach to healthcare is welcome. The challenge, now, lies in how services come together effectively and efficiently for the benefit of patients.”


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