FSCS to Begin Emailing Application Forms to Customers of Worldspreads Ltd

June 26, 2012 /

The FSCS has been working closely with the Joint Special Administrators of WorldSpreads Limited since the firm was placed into Special Administration. It has now completed the work required to begin the claims process for people with claims against WorldSpreads.

FSCS will soon begin emailing personalised application forms to potential claimants in batches, along with information about the claims process, where valid email addresses are held by the Special Administrators.

In some instances, where balances are very small or where no valid email address is held, FSCS will ask that clients request an application form to complete.

To make a claim, clients of the firm will need to:

Have a balance agreed with the Special Administrators, KPMG.
Complete and return the application form to FSCS.

FSCS will only use balances agreed with the Special Administrators to determine compensation amounts.

WorldSpreads clients who do not receive an email and form by 6 July should contact our Initial Contact Team on freephone 0800 678 1100 or 0207 741 4100. Please remember to check you spam filter regularly to ensure you receive the application form.

An application form can be dispatched by post if requested.

FSCS will pay compensation by cheque in UK Pounds Sterling.


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