Nonprofit Group Misspends $82,590, Financial Audit Reveals

Steven Bobson, Europe & Americas Editor
November 25, 2010 /

A nonprofit organization running an emergency medical and 9-1-1 services in Morrow County has been caught by a special financial audit to have misspent $82,590.

Morrow County Firefighters and Squadsmen Association’s financial audit was released Tuesday by state auditor Mary Taylor. The audit compels Robert Moore to return the sum of $82,590 to the EMS operating bank account of the association on grounds that the accounting work was undocumented and was tax-related.

The auditor’s office said there has been a conflict of interest in Rick Weaver’s selling and leasing of the properties of his employer, Gordon Flesch Co., such as copier services and printing and computer equipment that earned him $5,002 in commissions. Weaver was a former supervisor and treasurer of 9-1-1.

Litigation for the two will commence March 8, Ohio Attorney General’s Office said.

The financial audit has shown that the association has been doing the unethical transaction using the sums it receives. A proposal of improving financial monitoring has already been formulated by the auditor’s office.

Taylor encouraged the association to adopt the rulings proposed in the report to avoid any circumstances of fraud and abuse in the future.

Morrow County Firefighters and Squadsmen Association president Jeff Sparks did not return phone calls to him.

Morrow County Commissioner Rodney Clinger admitted that there was no tip forwarded to the commissioners regarding this fraud and abuse activities. He said the association would just furnish a report for them annually or twice in one year. Only a year ago, the association decided to meet the commissioners quarterly, Clinger said.

After the revelation of the financial audit into the association, Clinger said there should be close supervision over its financial activity.


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