Most UK Firms Shrug Off Cyber Terrorism Threats

Bob Styran, IT audit expert
December 14, 2010 /

Despite the rapid rate with which cyber terrorism has grown to wreak online attacks to the IT security system of companies, 94 percent of UK firms expressed confidence they can manage to ward off threats to their system with the use of traditional security tools, said BAE Systems in its web security poll.

UK firms largely depend on firewall, anti-virus software products, and scan and web filters in combatting cyber terrorism, according to Henry Harrison, technical director of Detica, a cyber security contractor owned by BAE Systems that released the Cyber Security Monitor containing the survey.

Harrison said he was surprised to learn this level of confidence among UK firms given the fact that these traditional tools could not guarantee tight security in their commercial and customer data.

The poll result showed the low level of concern among UK firms when it comes to addressing the threats posed by cyber terrorism, he added.

Harrison reinforced the low level of concern among UK firms over cyber terrorism by citing the 25 percent of the respondents who said they had requested information regarding the IT network targeted cyber attack against the more than 50 percent admitting they had demanded the IT security plan of their respective organization but not the information pertaining to it.

Last week, Mastercard’s website in Geneva was besieged by distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks allegedly perpetrated by ‘hacktivists’ who are attacking websites that deny services to the whistleblowing website Wikileaks. Mastercard decided to cut off money transfer service to Wikileaks due to faulty address provided by its founder Julian Assange.

Detica’s report revealed that 82 percent of UK firms recognize the rapid growth of cyber terrorism, saying it would undoubtedly affect their businesses. Another 18 percent said intrusion into their IP information tops their concern.

Warding off cyber terrorism is not a simple task, requiring the top management’s immediate attention and foremost priority, Harrison added.


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